ABout us

Foldcore GmbH

Founded in 2005, Foldcore GmbH is the world leading company for folding and folded solutions.

our history

Driven by the simplicity and joy of pure folding a team of enthusiastic engineers started at the Institute of Aircraft Design of the University of Stuttgart to work on technical origami. As a spin off Foldcore GmbH was founded to commercialize the unique folding technology. Providing folded solutions for an arbitrary range of applications and industry fields.

Since 2020, Foldcore GmbH – now part of the Cogebi group – explores new ways with its revolutionary non flammable product FireAway™. A sandwich construction able to withstand temperatures up to 1000°C at outstanding lightweight performance.

The combination of our patented folding technology paired with Cogebi’s Mica products offer customers unrepresented lightweight potential at 100% fire protection.


We are a dedicated team of engineers and innovators that is passionate about providing new solutions to ever more urgent challenges in advanced lightweight design. On the search for innovative core materials, we discovered the power of folding as the key to new versatile and high-performance core materials. Over 15 years of pioneer research in sandwich design enable us to provide customer-centered solutions that open up new horizons.